Boners Cock Ring And Ball Stretcher 玉袋持久環 5969

Boners Cock Ring And Ball Stretcher 玉袋持久環

這款矽膠持久環和球擔架是每個想要更多刺激的男士的必備玩具。 這種性玩具可以讓您享受更多,更長或更難的性愛。持久環由柔軟而有彈性的材料製成,可以很好地適合您的球和陰莖。 即使在最激烈的夜晚,它們的穿著也很舒適。


– 有彈性、伸縮性
– 加強勃起的能力
– 增加勃起持久力

– 使用前後清潔玩具
– 建議僅使用水基潤滑劑
– 使用時如有不適,請立即停止使用

Boners Silicone Cock Ring And Ball Stretcher

This silicone cock ring and ball stretcher is a must-have toy for every man looking for more stimulation. This sex toy allows you to enjoy sex more, longer and harder. The rings are made of soft and stretchy material for a good fit around your balls and penis. They are also comfortable to wear, even during the most intense nights.

– Small ring: inner diameter 3 cm, outer diameter 4.5 cm
– Large ring: inner diameter 3.8 cm, outer diameter 5.4 cm

1. Clean the toy before and after use.
2. Recommended to use water-based lubes only.

Boners Cock Ring And Ball Stretcher 玉袋持久環 Boners Cock Ring And Ball Stretcher 玉袋持久環 Boners Cock Ring And Ball Stretcher 玉袋持久環 Boners Cock Ring And Ball Stretcher 玉袋持久環

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