Boners Cock Ring And Ball Stretcher 玉袋加厚持久環 5976

Boners Cock Ring And Ball Stretcher 玉袋加厚持久環

Boners 持久環和球形擔架將為您提供終極支持,並增強您的凸起度。厚實的持久環緊緊地握在軸的底部,以緊握抓地力,增強您的勃起能力,幫助提高性能,使您持續更長的時間,並導致高潮。球形擔架的設計符合人體工程學設計,可緊密貼合,將球拉下並使其膨脹。連接器的作用就像彈簧一樣,具有大量的取捨能力,並且會不斷拉扯您的麻袋。

準備好進行強烈爆炸性射精? 準備好更大,更硬,更粗,更強大的勃起?


內徑:0.86英寸/ 2.2厘米

內徑:0.86英寸/ 2.2厘米

– 推動陰莖和球向前
– 拉動感
– 由柔軟而有彈性的材料製成
– 穿著舒適
– 易於清潔

– 使用前後清潔玩具
– 建議僅使用水基潤滑劑
– 使用時如有不適,請立即停止使用

Boners Cock Ring And Ball Stretcher

Boners Cock Ring and Ball Stretcher will give you the ultimate support for your package as well as enhancing your bulge. The perfect combination of cock ring with attached ball stretcher, keeping you rock hard whilst gently tugging on your balls. The thick cock ring sits snugly at the base of the shaft for a tight grip enhancing your erection, helping with performance so you last longer and leading to mind blowing orgasms. The ball stretcher has been ergonomically designed for a tight fit, pulling your balls down and making them swell up. The connector acts like a spring with plenty of give and take and will be constantly tugging on your sack.

Treat your cock and push it to its maximum potential, whilst stretching and stimulating your balls. Get ready for a bigger, harder, thicker and more powerful erection with intense explosive ejaculations. Made from super stretchy TPE, which is smooth and durable and provides a snug comfortable fit. When worn under clothing, it will not only enhance your bulge but will keep you horny and aroused by constantly tugging on your package.

Get Rock Hard with Boners Cock Ring and Ball Stretcher.

Cock Ring:
Inner Diameter: 0.86 inches / 2.2cm

Ball Ring: Inner Diameter: 0.86 inches / 2.2cm

– Pushes the penis and balls forward
– Pulling sensation
– Made of soft and stretchy material
– Comfortable to wear
– Easy to clean

1. Clean the toy before and after use.
2. Recommended to use water-based lubes only.

Boners Cock Ring And Ball Stretcher 玉袋加厚持久環 Boners Cock Ring And Ball Stretcher 玉袋加厚持久環 Boners Cock Ring And Ball Stretcher 玉袋加厚持久環 Boners Cock Ring And Ball Stretcher 玉袋加厚持久環

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