Boners Double Design Cock Ring 加厚持久環 5952

Boners Double Design Cock Ring 加厚持久環


這種厚實的持久環使您的陰莖看起來更具男子氣概,並且可以讓您享受更長的勃起時間。 環確保您的陰莖腫脹一點,使其更敏感。 您的高潮從未如此強烈! 陰莖環由超柔軟和有彈性的材料製成,佩戴舒適,完美貼合。 厚實的設計還可以確保環在任何情況下均保持在原位。

– 尺寸內直徑 3.2cm(1.25英寸)
– 男子氣概的設計
– 柔軟而有彈性的材料,雙設計持久環。
– 由優質材料製成,專為性玩具設計
– 增強性快感
– 加強勃起的能力
– 持久環增加長度和周長

– 使用前後清潔玩具
– 建議僅使用水基潤滑劑
– 使用時如有不適,請立即停止使用

Boners Double Design Cock Ring

Erection Enhancing Penis Ring Set for Extra Stimulation

This thick cock ring gives your penis an even more manly look and allows you to enjoy your erection for a longer period of time. The ring makes sure your penis swells up a little, making it more sensitive. Your climax has never felt this intense! The penis ring is made of extra soft and stretchy material that is comfortable to wear and provides a perfect fit. The thick design also makes sure the ring stays in place in any situation.

– Size inner diameter 3.2cm (1.25 inch)
– Manly design
– Soft and stretchy material, Double Design Cock Ring.
– Boners Double Design Cock Ring stays in place during use
– Made of premium Material and is designed for sex toys
– Enhances sexual pleasure
– Cockring Increases length and girth

1. Clean the toy before and after use.
2. Recommended to use water-based lubes only.

Boners Double Design Cock Ring 加厚持久環 Boners Double Design Cock Ring 加厚持久環 Boners Double Design Cock Ring 加厚持久環

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