Nipple Barrel Clamps 乳頭桶夾 3985

Nipple Barrel Clamps 乳頭桶夾


這些令人難以置信的乳頭桶夾可以恰到好處地夾在乳房最敏感的部位。 這些舒適的乳頭夾具有精密的扭軸,可輕鬆調節施加在乳頭上的擠壓量。 每次旋轉裝飾桶圓筒時,襯裡的橡膠夾會向您的乳頭輕柔地施加壓力。 隨附的O形圈可讓您在每個夾具上添加自己喜歡的砝碼或鏈條,從而使這些夾具成為乳頭戲弄和愉悅的最終戀物癖必備工具。

Nipple Barrel Clamps


Get just the right amount of pinch on your breast’s most sensitive areas with these incredible Nipple Barrel Clamps. These comfortable nipple clamps feature precision twist-shafts that gently adjust the amount of squeeze applied to your nipples. With each turn of the decorative barrel cylinder, the rubber-lined clamps gently apply pressure to your nipples. The attached O-rings let you add your favorite weights or chains to each clamp, making these clamps the ultimate fetish must-have for nipple teasing and pleasing.

Nipple Barrel Clamps 乳頭桶夾 Nipple Barrel Clamps 乳頭桶夾 Nipple Barrel Clamps 乳頭桶夾

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