Benji Ball Gag 豹紋風口塞 8250

Benji Ball Gag 豹紋風口塞


Benji Ball Gag Leopard Print

Beautiful ball gag with adjustable strap. This ball gag is made of light materials and the strap is adjustable for a comfortable and good fit. The ball has a medium size and there are multiple air holes in the ball, so your sub can keep breathing normally. This ball gag is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced users. Always clean the ball after use with toy cleaner for a hygienic use.

Benji Ball Gag 豹紋風口塞 Benji Ball Gag 豹紋風口塞 Benji Ball Gag 豹紋風口塞 Benji Ball Gag 豹紋風口塞

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