Silicone Penis Plug 矽膠尿道刺激器帶拉環 2487

Silicone Penis Plug 矽膠尿道刺激器帶拉環


總長度:13.5cm,最大插入直徑 0.6cm


此 Sinner Gear 尿道刺激器 100%由有機矽製成。這使玩具使用起來舒適,柔軟,靈活且防水。


這尿道刺激器玩具 有一個拉環,可用於插入和取出,並在使用過程中保持良好的抓力。



Silicone Penis Plug With Pull Ring


Total Length: 13.5cm, max insert diameter 0.6cm


This Sinner Gear dilator is 100% made of silicone. This makes the toy comfortable to use, soft, flexible and waterproof. The toy has a pull ring that you can use for insertion and removal and for a good grip during use. Clean the plug after use with some toy cleaner and water.

Silicone Penis Plug 矽膠尿道刺激器帶拉環 Silicone Penis Plug 矽膠尿道刺激器帶拉環 Silicone Penis Plug 矽膠尿道刺激器帶拉環 Silicone Penis Plug 矽膠尿道刺激器帶拉環

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