Boners Delay Cream 男士延時霜 100ml 5327

Boners Delay Cream 男士延時霜 100ml


Boners 延時霜帶來無盡的愉悅。乳霜會延遲性高潮,並確保您可以長時間享受勃起。柔滑的乳霜配方使您的皮膚感覺非常舒適。


使用說明:在陰莖上塗一些乳霜並按摩。 開始時陰莖上會有點麻木感覺,等到完全吸收便可進行,以防止伴侶麻木。

Boners Penis Delay Cream 100ml


Go for endless pleasure with the Boners Delay Cream. The cream delays an orgasm and makes sure you can enjoy your erection for a longer period of time. The silky smooth formula of the cream feels very comfortable on your skin.


Instructions for use: apply some cream to the penis and massage it. The cream will stun locally. Wait until it is fully withdrawn to prevent numbness in the partner.

Boners Delay Cream 男士延時霜 100ml Boners Delay Cream 男士延時霜 100ml Boners Delay Cream 男士延時霜 100ml Boners Delay Cream 男士延時霜 100ml

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