Boners Penis XXL Cream 增粗增大霜 100ml 5310

Boners Penis XXL Cream 增粗增大霜 100ml


Boners Penis XXL 增粗增大霜令您倍感愉悅。這種滋養的陰莖乳霜可使您的陰莖皮膚組織柔軟並刺激血液流動。這給您的陰莖增粗增大,並使您和您的伴侶享受更多的刺激和強烈的高潮!


使用說明:在陰莖上塗一些乳霜並用力按摩。 每天重複一次以獲得最佳效果。 通過在前臂上塗抹一些陰莖霜來進行過敏反應之前的測試。如有不適或出現皮膚敏感症狀,請停止使用。

Boners Penis XXL Cream 100ml


Go for extra pleasure with the Boners Penis XXL Cream. This nourishing penis cream makes the skin tissue of your penis soft and stimulates blood flow. This gives your penis more volume and allows you and your partner to enjoy more stimulation and an intense climax!


Instructions for use: apply some cream to the penis and massage it firmly. Repeat daily for optimal results. Test prior to allergic reactions by applying some penile cream on the forearm. Stop immediately with irritations, redness or itching.

Boners Penis XXL Cream 增粗增大霜 100ml Boners Penis XXL Cream 增粗增大霜 100ml

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