Boners Delay Spray 男士延時噴霧 15ml 5334

Boners Delay Spray 男士延時噴霧 15ml


Boners Delay Spray 延時噴霧延長您的性高潮,因此您可以持續更長的時間。這款延時噴霧滿足男士對增加時間和娛樂的要求,在性關係中持續更長時間。小瓶子尺寸合適,可以放在床頭櫃上。噴霧帽使噴塗變得容易。


使用說明:充分搖勻瓶子,然後在陰莖上噴2至5次。 測試前臂上是否有延遲噴霧。 如有刺激或過敏反應,請立即停止使用。

Boners Penis Delay Spray 15ml


Boners Delay Spray delays your orgasm so you can keep going longer. It helps with oversensitivity and can prevent disappointment in the bedroom. The small bottle has the perfect size to keep in your nightstand. The spray cap makes it easy to apply the spray.


Instructions for use: shake the bottle well and spray 2 – 5 times on the penis. Test for some delay spray on your forearm. Stop using immediately in case of irritation or an allergic reaction.

Boners Delay Spray 男士延時噴霧 15ml Boners Delay Spray 男士延時噴霧 15ml Boners Delay Spray 男士延時噴霧 15ml

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