Realistic Double Dildo 雙洞夾攻假陽具 3613

Realistic Double Dildo 雙洞夾攻假陽具

全長 18cm、最大直徑 3.8cm。




它可以固定在綁帶上,從而使該假陽具成為女同性戀伴侶的理想玩具。 如果您要進行單人探險,則可以使用結實的吸盤將其固定在任何平坦的表面上,從而獲得免提樂趣!

– 彈性素材
– 肉色
– 高仿真設計
– 雙洞夾攻
– 可單獨使用
– 可與伴侶一起使用
– 附設吸盤

– 建議配合潤滑液使用
– 使用時如有不適,請立即停止使用

Double Dong Realistic Double Dildo With Suction Cup

Total length 18cm
Maximum diameter 3.8cm

With this double dildo you can enjoy a fantastic stimulation whether you’re using it alone or with your partner.

It can be attached to a strap-on harness, which makes this dildo the perfect toy for lesbian couples. If you go for a solo adventure then you can use the strong suction cup to attach it to any flat surface for some handsfree fun!

The double penetration gives you a complete stimulation for an explosive climax.

– Double Dongs can be used either alone or with a partner for erotic enjoyment together
– Double header with dual ended smooth penis heads for real feel
– Exciting and lifelike material just like real skin and erotic which gives an absolute kick
– Experience incredible sensations with this toy

– It is recommended to use with lubricating fluid
– If you feel unwell during use, please stop using it immediately

Realistic Double Dildo 雙洞夾攻假陽具 Realistic Double Dildo 雙洞夾攻假陽具 Realistic Double Dildo 雙洞夾攻假陽具 Realistic Double Dildo 雙洞夾攻假陽具 Realistic Double Dildo 雙洞夾攻假陽具

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