Double Ended Dildo 逼真矽膠雙頭假陽具 30cm 4893

Double Ended Dildo 逼真矽膠雙頭假陽具 30cm

全長 30cm、最大直徑 3cm。




– 矽膠素材製造
– 表面平滑
– 同時刺激陰部和後庭
– 亦可作二人同樂之用

– 建議配合潤滑油使用
– 使用時如有不適,請立即停止使用

Realistic Silicone Double Ended Dildo 30cm

If you’re craving a shared filling pleasure, this massive dildo is the answer! With two lifelike heads and a textured, veiny shaft, this dildo looks as good as it feels.

Have fun with its slightly tapered shape and very flexible body with two bulbous heads. The rounded heads make penetration an absolute pleasure and the extra long shaft is a sight to behold. Split the total length of this double-headed giant between the two of you or keep it all to yourself! Add a generous layer of water-based lubricant and fulfil all your fantasies.

Total length of 30cm and a maximum diameter of 3cm.

– It is recommended to use with lubricating fluid
– If you feel unwell during use, please stop using it immediately

Double Ended Dildo 逼真矽膠雙頭假陽具 30cm Double Ended Dildo 逼真矽膠雙頭假陽具 30cm Double Ended Dildo 逼真矽膠雙頭假陽具 30cm Double Ended Dildo 逼真矽膠雙頭假陽具 30cm

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