Hexagon Cockring 鋼球六角持久環 2364

Hexagon Cockring 鋼球六角持久環


持久環由柔軟的矽樹脂製成,內側有鋼球。 持久環可拉伸,具有良好的舒適感,而鋼珠則可提供更多刺激。

陰莖鬆弛時,將環放在陰莖根部周圍。 在勃起過程中,持久環會限制血液流動,從而使勃起更堅硬,持續時間更長,並導致強烈的性高潮。


– 矽膠製造
– 持久環可拉伸
– 內有鋼球 x 6
– 加強勃起的能力
– 增加持久力
– 環內徑 38mm

– 建議配合水溶性潤滑液使用
– 矽膠潤滑液會破壞矽膠製產品
– 使用時如有不適,請立即停止使用

Boners Hexagon Cockring With Steel Balls

Enjoy harder and longer lasting erections, intense orgasms, and extra stimulation with the Hexagon cock ring from the Boners collection.

The ring is made of soft silicone and features steel balls on the inside. The cock ring is stretchy and bendable for a good and comfortable fit, while the steels balls offer even more stimulation.

Place the ring around the base of the penis when the penis is flaccid. During an erection, the ring restricts blood flow, which provides a harder and longer lasting erection, as well as intense orgasms.

Clean the ring after use with toy cleaner and lukewarm water.

– Silicone material
– Stretchy and bendable
– Built-in steel ball x 6
– Harder erections
– Longer lasting erections
– Ring inner diameter 38mm

– It is recommended to use with water-soluble lubricant
– Silicone lubricating fluid will destroy silicone products
– If you feel unwell during use, please stop using it immediately

Hexagon Cockring 鋼球六角持久環 Hexagon Cockring 鋼球六角持久環 Hexagon Cockring 鋼球六角持久環 Hexagon Cockring 鋼球六角持久環 Hexagon Cockring 鋼球六角持久環

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