Hooded Minidress 露乳迷你連衣裙 7629

Hooded Minidress 露乳迷你連衣裙


這款迷你連衣裙提供誘人的外觀。 黑色連衣裙由半透明面料製成,可完美包裹您的身體。 它配備有一個帶開口的頭套,露乳設計。 穿上搭配您最喜歡的內衣或完全不穿,以達到完美的外觀!

Hooded Minidress With Open Cups


This kinky mini dress provides an irresistible look. The black dress is made of translucent fabric and perfectly wraps around your body. It is provided with a hood with a mouth opening and the cups are open. Wear the dress in combination with your favorite lingerie for a complete look or wear it without anything at all!

Hooded Minidress 露乳迷你連衣裙

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