Pump Action Enema Bottle 泵動灌腸瓶 8792

Pump Action Enema Bottle 泵動灌腸瓶


輕鬆便捷地提供您自己的灌腸! 這個肛門沖洗工具套件包括一個瓶子,一個泵和一個噴嘴,因此與灌腸燈泡相比,您擁有清洗所需的一切,比淋浴或重力系統所需的麻煩更少。 瓶子最多可容納300 mL液體,並在側面標出了測量標記,以確保准確性。 該泵包括注射器式手柄,因此您只需一隻手即可輕鬆地將流體通過細長的軟管傳輸。 嬌小的噴嘴由優質的無孔矽酮製成,光滑且鼓起,舒適。 尖端側面的孔可更有效地清潔內壁。 與有機矽潤滑劑不兼容。 使用後用中性肥皂和溫水清潔。

Pump Action Enema Bottle


Deliver your own enema with ease and convenience! This anal douche kit includes a bottle, pump, and nozzle so that you have everything you need to clean out with more control than an enema bulb, and less hassle than a shower or gravity system. The bottle holds up to 300 mL of fluid, with measurement markers indicated on the side for accuracy. The pump includes syringe style handles so that you can easily transfer the fluid through the long, flexible tube with one just hand. Made of premium, non-porous silicone, the petite nozzle is smooth and bulbed for comfort. Holes around the side of the tip provide more effective cleaning of your inner walls. Not compatible with silicone lubricants. Clean with mild soap and warm water after use.

Pump Action Enema Bottle 泵動灌腸瓶 Pump Action Enema Bottle 泵動灌腸瓶 Pump Action Enema Bottle 泵動灌腸瓶 Pump Action Enema Bottle 泵動灌腸瓶

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