Ball Gag 口塞與PVC球(紅) 8273

Ball Gag 口塞與PVC球(紅)




直徑: 4.5cm

Ball Gag With PVC Ball Red


Be the one in control and enjoy the feeling of power by silencing your partner with a ball gag! Perfect for both beginners and more experienced enthusiasts of bondage. The strap is fully adjustable so the gag will always fit perfectly around your head. Try it now and experience an evening of wonderful erotic pleasure!


Diameter: 4.5cm

Ball Gag 口塞與PVC球(紅) Ball Gag 口塞與PVC球(紅) Ball Gag 口塞與PVC球(紅) Ball Gag 口塞與PVC球(紅)

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