Athenas Ultimate Sex Machine 雅典娜終極性愛機器 7375




Athenas Ultimate Sex Machine 雅典娜終極性愛機器




單次或兩次穿透,振動愉悅,無線遙控器等等! Athenas Ultimate Sex Machine具備了所有功能,可通過功能強大但緊湊的設備提供定制的滿意度。您可以選擇兩個相同或逼真的假陽具中的任意一個或兩個延伸桿,這些假陽具具有靜脈紋理並可以彎曲到理想的曲率,或者是由優質且無孔的有機矽製成的光滑,錐形的肛門假陽具。調整桿的角度最大為26度以獲得最佳推力!您還可以調節兩根桿的緊密度,以適應兩次穿刺時身體的需求。一旦就位,您或您的伴侶就可以使用有線撥盤控制器管理推力的速度。但是,無線遙控器更令人興奮!它不僅可以控制推力,而且還可以起到振動器的作用,當您將其按在最敏感的零件上時,可以循環振動的各種模式。此外,控制器的尖端甚至會變熱,以達到無法抗拒的精確溫度! Anethas Ultimate Sex Machine提供了無窮無盡的增強狂喜選擇!








規格:衝程速度:每分鐘50-250次沖程; 26個調整角度;衝程穿透深度:每個推進臂約4英寸




Athenas Ultimate Sex Machine


Athenas Ultimate Sex Machine is the first remote control single or double penetration sex machine in the world with remote control vibration and warming for intense pleasure!


Single or double penetration, vibrating pleasure, a wireless remote control, and more! Athenas Ultimate Sex Machine has it all, delivering customized satisfaction from a powerful, but compact apparatus. Equip either or both of the extension rods with your choice of the two identical realistic dildos, which are textured with veins and bendable to your ideal curvature, or the smooth, tapered anal dildo, made of premium and non-porous silicone. Adjust the angle of the rods up to 26 degrees for the perfect thrust! You can also adjust the closeness of the two rods to fit the needs of your body during double penetration. Once you are in position, you or your partner can manage the speed of thrusting with the wired dial controller. However, a wireless remote provides even more excitement! Not only does it give you control of the thrusting, it also acts as a vibrator, allowing you to cycle through various modes of vibration as you press it against your most sensitive parts. Furthermore, the tip of the controller even heats up for pin-pointed warmth that is irresistible! Anethas Ultimate Sex Machine provides endless options for enhanced ecstasy!


Measurements: Machine is 22 inches in length, 11 inches in width, 13.5 inches in height. Realistic dildos are 7 inches in length, 1.75 inches in diameter. Anal dildo is 6.5 inches in total length, 6 inches insertable, 1.5 inches in diameter.


Material: Machine: metal, ABS plastic. Realistic dildos: TPR. Anal dildo: silicone.


Color: Black.


Specs: Stroke Speed: 50-250 strokes per minute; 26 angles of adjustment; Stroke penetration depth: About 4 inches per thrusting arm


Note: Detailed instructions included. Includes machine, 2 realistic dildos, 1 anal dildo, dial controller, wireless vibrating controller with heating tip, 2 extension rods with springs, 2 dildo adaptors, wireless controller charger, and a 110-220-v power transformer.

Athenas Ultimate Sex Machine 雅典娜終極性愛機器 Athenas Ultimate Sex Machine 雅典娜終極性愛機器 Athenas Ultimate Sex Machine 雅典娜終極性愛機器 Athenas Ultimate Sex Machine 雅典娜終極性愛機器 Athenas Ultimate Sex Machine 雅典娜終極性愛機器 Athenas Ultimate Sex Machine 雅典娜終極性愛機器

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