Bum Raider Whip Black 侵入者皮鞭(黑) 8670

Bum Raider Whip Black 侵入者皮鞭(黑)

全長: 200cm

工藝包把皮鞭,簡約設計,鞭鞭有力 ,給予強烈刑罰的感覺。

如果您正在尋找挑戰,那麼Whipped系列的這款長鞭將是您的理想選擇。 通過一些練習,您將可以擊中想要的任何地方。 這鞭肯定會留下印記! 它也是Pony Play的完美配件。 鞭子由耐用的材料製成,並具有實用的手柄,可在使用過程中很好地抓握。 使用完後,請使用末端的掛環將鞭子掛起來,以確保安全存放。

Bum Raider Whip Black

Length: 200cm

If you are looking for a challenge, then this long whip from the Whipped collection is a good choice for you. With some practice, you will be able to hit any spot you want. This whip will certainly leave a mark! It is also a perfect accessory for Pony Play. The whip is made of durable materials and has a practical handle for a good grip during use. Use the loop at the end to hang up the whip after use for safe storage.

Bum Raider Whip Black 侵入者皮鞭(黑) Bum Raider Whip Black 侵入者皮鞭(黑) Bum Raider Whip Black 侵入者皮鞭(黑) Bum Raider Whip Black 侵入者皮鞭(黑)

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