Nexus Anal Starter Kit 矽膠肛塞前列腺訓練套裝 0714

Nexus Anal Starter Kit 矽膠肛塞前列腺訓練套裝


Nexus Anal Starter Kit 矽膠肛塞前列腺訓練套裝


Nexus 肛門/前列腺入門套件包括3個不同尺寸的實心矽膠後庭塞,旨在讓用戶從小處開始並逐步向上。






S 細碼後庭塞是個不錯的介紹,是肛門遊戲的熱身;中碼和大碼則可以將您推向更高的高度,也可以用於刺激男性前列腺。這些後庭插頭具有適當的靈活性,因此您既可以刺激又舒適。












– 建議配合水溶性潤滑液使用
– 矽膠潤滑液會破壞矽膠製產品
– 使用時如有不適,請立即停止使用

Nexus Anal Starter Kit


The Nexus Anal Starter kit comprises of 3 solid silicone butt plugs of different sizes, designed for the user to start small and work their way up.


Each is made from silky smooth silicone and anatomically shaped to fit comfortably for ultimate pleasure. The shape of the plugs in the Anal Starter Kits have been designed to fit the curves of the body. The end is bulbous and round making penetration easy whilst the shaft curves nicely for comfort and the base is flat making it easy to wear.


Small is a great introduction or warm up to anal play whilst medium and large push you to further heights and can also be used for male prostate stimulation.


These plugs have just the right amount of flexibility so you can be both stimulated and comfortable.


*Never use silicone lubricant with silicone toys


Dimensions and level:


Small 3 inches


Perfect for beginners. A great introduction to anal play.


Medium 3.5 inches


For beginners to intermediate. Shaped to take exploration a little deeper and stimulate the prostate in smaller men.


Large 4 inches


For the more experienced user to stimulate the anus and prostate.

Nexus Anal Starter Kit 矽膠肛塞前列腺訓練套裝 Nexus Anal Starter Kit 矽膠肛塞前列腺訓練套裝 Nexus Anal Starter Kit 矽膠肛塞前列腺訓練套裝 Nexus Anal Starter Kit 矽膠肛塞前列腺訓練套裝 Nexus Anal Starter Kit 矽膠肛塞前列腺訓練套裝

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