Fat Boy Sport 肥厚陰莖加長加粗套(白) 4110


Fat Boy Sport 肥厚陰莖加長加粗套(白)


Fat Boy Sport 肥厚陰莖加長加粗套絕對是你這位猛男最頂級、最舒服、最享受的貼身好夥伴。








– 本產品不兼容乳膠
– 不可與乳膠安全套一同使用
– 如有需要,請配合潤滑劑使用
– 使用時如有不適,請停止使用


Fat Boy Sport Stretchy Cock Extender in Clear


Long, impossibly soft, ultra squishy, and delightfully versatile, this sleeve from the innovative Perfect Fit collection is a unique extender sheath that can be used to add inches of both length and thickness to penises, toys or fingers, and can be taken advantage of as a masturbator, too.


Made from Perfect Fit’s signature SilaSKin, a unique blend of silicone and TPR, the Fat Boy feels amazing. It’s smooth, pliable and ultra flexible, not to mention incredibly stretchy. When used over the penis, it’ll quickly take on body heat for a perfectly lifelike feel- to use, simply add some lube to the interior, and stretch over the entire penis, placing the scrotum through the hole on the longer side of the open base.


On the inner side, you’ll find an irresistible texture of raised ribs and nubs, all the better to stimulate with, ensuring both partners are fully enjoying the ride if used during sex. That same texture is what make the Fat Boy so great as a solo pleasure tool, the sleeve, thanks to it’s amazing stretch, can be held in hand as used as a close-ended masturbator sleeve. The Fat Boy is safe for use with both water and silicone based lubricants. Approximately 6 inches un-stretched.


This product is not compatible with latex products.

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