Checkered Design 格仔設計風格連褲襪 2261

Checkered Design 格仔設計風格連褲襪


這款來自Music Legs系列的優雅連褲襪可為您的衣櫃增色不少。 連褲襪為黑色,並具有方格設計,外觀時尚。 織物柔軟而有彈性,因此非常合身。 這也確保了連褲襪穿著舒適。 從性感誘人到優雅適當,可與任何服裝搭配使用。 無論您的風格是什麼,都有可能!

Pantyhose With Checkered Design


Complement your wardrobe with this elegant pantyhose from the Music Legs collection. The pantyhose has a black colour and has a checkered design for a stylish look. The fabric is soft and elastic and therefore has a perfect fit. This also makes sure the pantyhose is comfortable to wear. Combine it with any outfit, from sexy and seductive to elegant and proper. Whatever your style, anything is possible!

Checkered Design 格仔設計風格連褲襪

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