Cheetah Print 獵豹印花魚網連褲襪 6945

Cheetah Print 獵豹印花魚網連褲襪


用有趣的連褲襪炫耀你的雙腿! 有了這個粉紅色的魚網連褲襪,您可以確保自己不會被忽視。 連褲襪由魚網材料製成,並具有醒目的顏色。 織物是彈性的,因此總是很合適。 連褲襪上印有豹紋,令人神往。 搭配粉紅色豹紋連褲襪搭配裙子,連衣裙或短褲搭配,打造出最具魅力的外觀。

Cheetah Print Fishnet Pantyhose


Show off your legs with a fun pantyhose! With this pink fishnet pantyhose, you can be sure that you won’t go unnoticed. The pantyhose is made of fishnet material and has a striking colour. The fabric is elastic, so it always fit perfectly. The pantyhose has a leopard print for a seductive twist. Wear this pink leopard pantyhose in combination with a skirt, dress or shorts and create the most provocative looks.

Cheetah Print 獵豹印花魚網連褲襪

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