Aphrodisia Butterfly Vibrating Clitoral Pump 口交快感-蝴蝶吸蜜器(粉紅)

Aphrodisia Butterfly Vibrating Clitoral Pump 口交快感-蝴蝶吸蜜器(粉紅)



-使用AAA電池x 2

– 如有需要,請配合潤滑劑使用
– 使用時如有不適,請停止使用

Aphrodisia Butterfly Vibrating Clitoral Pump Pink

Pumping up the clit will not only increase your pelasure, but it’s also a sensual sensation that’s unlike anything else. Pump yourself up for an orgasm, because with this toy you will be sure to get one. This Clitoris is a top of the line in clit stimulation. The vibrating butterfly stimulates your clit whilst the pump, pumps blood flow into the area making your nerves more receptive to sexual sensation.

This butterfly will have your clitoris flying hey as it vibrates its way to giving you one of the best orgasm’s you have ever had. This butterfly will go down on you like never before with its multi-speed vibrations and tantalizing ticklers. The perfect hand pump will allow you to pump blood into your pelvic region, providing a rich sensation for yourself.

-Adjustable vibration intensity
-Use AAA batteries x 2

-If necessary, please use with lubricant
-If you feel unwell during use, please stop using

Aphrodisia Butterfly Vibrating Clitoral Pump 口交快感-蝴蝶吸蜜器(粉紅) Aphrodisia Butterfly Vibrating Clitoral Pump 口交快感-蝴蝶吸蜜器(粉紅) Aphrodisia Butterfly Vibrating Clitoral Pump 口交快感-蝴蝶吸蜜器(粉紅) Aphrodisia Butterfly Vibrating Clitoral Pump 口交快感-蝴蝶吸蜜器(粉紅)

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