Ryder Condom 標準安全套12片散裝

Ryder Condom 標準安全套12片散裝

使用Ryder安全套追求品質和舒適! 這些安全套具有標準的設計和尺寸,使其適合大多數男性。 Ryder安全套的末端設有儲精囊,可在頂部留出更多空間,並提供潤滑劑以使其順滑滲透。

– 標准設計
– 設有儲精囊
– 塗有潤滑劑

– 顏色:透明
– 合適的潤滑劑:水性
– 安全套結構:光滑
– 味覺:無味
– 標稱寬度:53mm
– 直徑:33.8mm
– 形狀:解剖

Ryder Standard Condom 12pcs

Go for quality and comfort with Ryder condoms! These condoms have a standard design and size, making them suitable for most men. Ryder condoms are teat-ended for extra space at the top and are provided with lubricant for a smooth penetration.

– standard design
– with reservoir
– coated with lubricant

Product details:
– Material: Latex
– Color: transparent
– Suitable Lubricants: Water-based
– Structure Condom: Smooth
– Taste Condom: Tasteless
– Nominal width: 53 mm
– Diameter: 33.8mm
– Shape: Anatomical

Ryder Condom 標準安全套12片散裝 Ryder Condom 標準安全套12片散裝 Ryder Condom 標準安全套12片散裝 Ryder Condom 標準安全套12片散裝

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