Durex Sensitivo Suave 超薄貼身乳膠安全套144片盒裝 0519

Durex Sensitivo Suave 超薄貼身乳膠安全套144片盒裝

Durex Sensitivo Suave 超薄貼身乳膠安全套144片盒裝

Durex Sensitivo Suave 是一種透明的天然橡膠乳膠安全套,特殊形狀設計適合陰莖的構造,佩帶舒適,在使用過程中提供極佳的舒適感。


– 天然乳膠材質
– 直徑 35.7mm
– 闊度 56mm
– 圓周 112mm
– 長度 205±5mm
– 光滑
– 貼身
– 無臭
– 透明
– 厚度 65微米
– 附有水性潤滑液

Durex Sensitivo Suave Condom 144pcs Pack

Durex Sensitivo Suave Anatomic is a transparent, teat-ended, natural rubber latex condom.

Super thin, only 0.065mm and extra lubricated for a greater sensitivity.

All Durex condoms are CE certified and electronically tested.

Special features: Extra Lubricated, Ultra Thin
Size: Regular
Shape: “Easy-On" Shaped
Texture: Smooth
Color: Clear
Flavor: Unflavored
Material: Natural rubber latex
Thickness: 65 microns
Width at base: 56mm / 2.2″ inches
Length: 205±5mm / 8.1″ inches

Durex Sensitivo Suave 超薄貼身乳膠安全套144片盒裝 Durex Sensitivo Suave 超薄貼身乳膠安全套144片盒裝 Durex Sensitivo Suave 超薄貼身乳膠安全套144片盒裝 Durex Sensitivo Suave 超薄貼身乳膠安全套144片盒裝 Durex Sensitivo Suave 超薄貼身乳膠安全套144片盒裝

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