Getaway Plus 2 G點按摩棒 Black Gold 0512

Getaway Plus 2 G點按摩棒 Black Gold

Getaway Plus 2 是德國Nomi Tang 出品的G點按摩棒, 其設計非常適合東方女士使用。奢華的設計,採用醫療級矽膠製造,觸感順滑無比,加上微微凸起的棒頭,使用家能更簡單地尋找G點再加以按摩。配上人工體學的外型設計和簡易的觸控性速度調節,絕對能成為你房中的好拍擋。
由於其扁平的尖端,可以用作G點震動器和陰蒂按摩器。 它由特別柔軟的矽膠製成,具有非常光滑的表面,棒身可彎曲,適應不同角度。

Getaway Plus 2 比上一代更柔軟。內部軸沒有採用ABS令產品主軸可彎曲。

– G點按摩棒
– 5種強大震動模式
– 第二代i-touch 觸控式速度控制 (只要把手指放在觸控板上向上/向下移動,就能改變每個頻率中的速度)
– 用於內部和外部刺激(G點震動器和陰蒂按摩器)
– 醫用級軟矽膠和可彎曲軸
– 人工體學外型設計
– 苗細的形狀非常適合初學者
– 靜音
– 1米防水
– USB充電(充電5小時,能使用2小時)
– 附送:USB電線一條、操作手冊、禮盒

產品直徑:約 3cm

Getaway Plus 2 G-Spot Vibrator Black Gold

Getaway Plus 2 has been specifically designed to maximize your pleasure during G-spot stimulation, penetration and exploration of your intimate zones. It features Nomi Tang’s signature touch slider to control its powerful vibrations, it is made of a very high quality silicone material, is rechargeable, operates ultra quietly and is waterproof up to 1 meter.Thanks to its flatten tip, which can be double use for solo play as a G spot vibrator and also a clitoris massager. It features a very smooth surface made of especially soft silicone and the flexible shaft is bendable so it can adapt comfortably any play position.

Getaway Plus 2 is softer than the previous generation. The internal shaft does not use ABS to make the product main shaft bendable.

– Especially designed for G spot stimulation
– 5 different vibration modes
– Speed adjustment with i touch control (just place your finger on the touchpad and move it up/down to change the speed in each frequency)
– For internal and external stimulation (G spot vibrator and clitoris massager)
– Medical grade soft silicone and bendable shaft
– Ergonomic design
– The slim shaped perfectly for the beginner
– Quiet
– 1 meter water resistance
– USB charging (5 hours of charging for 2 hours of use)
– Included: a USB cable, operation manual, gift box

Product length: 19.5cm
Product diameter: about 3cm
Insertable length: 11.5cm
Product weight: about 121 grams
Package weight: about 420 grams

Getaway Plus 2 G點按摩棒 Black Gold Getaway Plus 2 G點按摩棒 Black Gold Getaway Plus 2 G點按摩棒 Black Gold Getaway Plus 2 G點按摩棒 Black Gold Getaway Plus 2 G點按摩棒 Black Gold

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