Magnetic Nipple Clamp 磁力球乳頭夾 6396

Magnetic Nipple Clamp 磁力球乳頭夾


Magnetic Nipple Clamp 磁力球乳頭夾



– 2種磁性球×4個
– 矽膠部分,可拆卸

點式尺寸: 直徑10mm
刺式尺寸: 直徑12mm

包裝尺寸: 高180 x寬90 x深18(mm)

Magnetic Ball Nipple Clamp


Each pair of magnetic balls hold the nipple with the attraction of the magnet. It contains two sets of magnetic balls with different shapes, allowing you to enjoy two different stimuli.

-2 types of magnetic balls × 4
-Silicone part, detachable

Point size: diameter 10mm
Barbed size: diameter 12mm

Packing size: height 180 x width 90 x depth 18 (mm)

Magnetic Nipple Clamp 磁力球乳頭夾 Magnetic Nipple Clamp 磁力球乳頭夾 Magnetic Nipple Clamp 磁力球乳頭夾 Magnetic Nipple Clamp 磁力球乳頭夾

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