Nemo Charge G 上下伸縮遙控震動器(黑) 1771

Nemo Charge G 上下伸縮遙控震動器(黑)



-遙控器使用23A 12V電池

插入部分:長度100mm x 最大直徑36 mm
主體部分:長度92mm x寬度50mm x深度25 mm
主體重量: 175 g
遙控器:長度67mm x寬度41mm x深度19 mm
遙控器重量: 24 g



Nemo Charge G Linear Piston Remote Vibrator Black


Nemo series lauches a new product which stimulates the G-spot, move up and down, and can be operated by the remote control or itself. The bottom is flat which will not be too obvious when used. 7 kinds of up and down movement stimulate the G-spot. 10 meters remote control distance, water resistant and easy to clean.

-7 up and down piston movements
-Stimulating G-spot
-Remote control distance: 10 meters
-Water resistant
-USB charging
-It can be used for about 60 minutes after fully charged
-The remote control uses 23A 12V battery

Insertable part: length 100mm x maximum diameter 36 mm
Main part: length 92mm x width 50mm x depth 25 mm
Body weight: 175 g
Remote control: length 67mm x width 41mm x depth 19 mm
Remote control weight: 24 g

-As magnets are used inside the main body, please stay away from smartphones and precision equipment.
-It is recommended to use with lubricant
-If you feel unwell during use, please stop using it immediately

Nemo Charge G 上下伸縮遙控震動器(黑)"" Nemo Charge G 上下伸縮遙控震動器(黑)"" Nemo Charge G 上下伸縮遙控震動器(黑)"" Nemo Charge G 上下伸縮遙控震動器(黑)"" Nemo Charge G 上下伸縮遙控震動器(黑)""

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