Tenga Deep Throat Cup 深喉飛機杯-超冷感特別版 2432

Tenga Deep Throat Cup 深喉飛機杯-超冷感特別版

TENGA 夏日限定特別款, 採用最經典的TOC-101深喉嚨口交杯為基礎配上薄荷醇,更添加薄荷油,達至超冷感。內裹有充足的潤滑油,令你暢快舒適,一試難忘。

產品尺寸:69 x 69 x 155mm

– 模擬深喉口交杯
– 超冷感
– 特殊活塞設計,加強吸吮效果
– 底部設氣孔,吸吮感可隨意控制
– 已包含潤滑劑
– 日本製造

– 適合普通COOL TENGA不夠用的高級用戶。
– COOL TENGA不建議初學者使用。
– 由於該產品包含薄荷醇,酒精和薄荷油,因此您可能會感到刺痛。
– 如果您感到發紅,發癢或疼痛,請立即停止使用並洗淨乳液。

Tenga Deep Throat Cup Extra Cool Edition

TENGA summer limited special edition, using the most classic TOC-101 deep throat oral sex cup as the basis and adding menthol and peppermint oil for extra cool feeling. There is plenty of lubricating oil inside to make you feel comfortable and unforgettable.

Product size: 69 x 69 x 155mm
Product weight: 123g

-Simulated deep throat oral sex cup
-Extra cool feeling
-Special piston design to enhance the sucking effect
-There is an air hole at the bottom, and the sucking feeling can be controlled via it.
-Lubricant is included
-Made in Japan

– Suitable for advanced users who are not enough with ordinary COOL TENGA.
– This COOL TENGA is not suitable for beginner
– Due to this product including the ingredient of menthol, alcohol and peppermint oil, so you may feel
– If you feel unfortable, itch or pain, please stop using it immediately and washout the lubricant.

Tenga Deep Throat Cup 深喉飛機杯-超冷感特別版 Tenga Deep Throat Cup 深喉飛機杯-超冷感特別版 Tenga Deep Throat Cup 深喉飛機杯-超冷感特別版

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