True Sculpture 紫醉亮麗真雕塑震動陽具棒

True Sculpture Dildo 紫醉亮麗真雕塑震動陽具棒


尺寸:長度 19.5cm,可插入長度 16cm,最大直徑 5cm


– 3款不同震動速度
– 柔軟有彈性材質
– 表面仿真的血管紋
– 易於使用
– 使用 3 粒 AA 電池(不包括)

– 本產品以不包括外包裝方式出售
– 建議配合潤滑劑使用
– 使用時如有不適,請立即停止使用


True Sculpture Purple Vibrating Dildo


Size: Length 19.5cm, insertable length 16cm, maximum diameter 5cm

There are vascular patterns on the surface and 3 vibration speeds can be found. It is easy to use. Come and enjoy it.

– 3 different vibration speeds
– Soft and elastic material
– Realistic vascular patterns on the surface
– Easy to use
– Use 3 AA batteries (not included)

– This product is sold without package
– It is recommended to use with lubricant
– If you feel unwell during use, please stop using it immediately

True Sculpture Dildo 紫醉亮麗真雕塑震動陽具棒 True Sculpture Dildo 紫醉亮麗真雕塑震動陽具棒

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