Orgie 水溶性親密清涼啫喱 150ml 1072

Orgie 水溶性親密清涼啫喱 150ml


本產品是一種水性親密凝膠,帶有薄荷冷感和刺激感,可為他和她倆增加樂趣。 持久的潤滑、無味、不粘膩、易於清洗和沖洗。

– 水性親密凝膠
– 薄荷冷感和刺激感
– 持久的潤滑
– 無味、不粘
– 清洗容易

– 使用時如有不適,請立即停止使用

Orgie Lube Tube Cool Menthol Cooling Sensation 150ml


Lube Tube Cool is a water-based intimate gel with a twist of menthol cooling and tingling effect to increase the pleasure for both him and her. Long-lasting lubrication, odorless, non-sticky, easy to clean and wash out.

-Water-based intimate gel
-Menthol cooling and tingling sensation
-Long-lasting lubrication
-Odorless and non-sticky
-Easy to clean

-If you feel unwell during use, please stop using it immediately

Orgie 水溶性親密清涼啫喱 150ml

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