Long Sleeve Teddy 長袖不透緊身衣(白) 4710

Long Sleeve Teddy 長袖不透緊身衣(白)


這個美麗的緊身衣具有性感和時尚氣息。 儘管它覆蓋了您的整個上半身,但看起來仍然令人興奮,因為它使您的雙腿裸露,並且具有緊身設計。 這種身體是與伴侶度過親密夜晚的理想選擇,但它也非常適合白天穿著。 由於採用了可愛的柔軟面料,因此身體穿著舒適,皮膚感覺良好。

Long Sleeve Opaque Teddy White


This beautiful basic body from the Music Legs collection is sexy and stylish at the same time. Although it covers your entire upper body, it still looks exciting because it leaves your legs bare and has a tight-fitting design. This body is the perfect choice for an intimate evening with your partner, but it is also very suitable to wear during the day. Because of the lovely soft fabric, the body is comfortable to wear and feels great on your skin.

Long Sleeve Teddy 長袖不透緊身衣(白) Long Sleeve Teddy 長袖不透緊身衣(白)

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