Pantyhose With Suspender 假吊帶連褲襪 1023

Pantyhose With Suspender 假吊帶連褲襪


這款Be Wicked系列獨特的連褲襪可讓您體驗吊帶套裝的外觀以及連褲襪的便利性。這款特殊的連褲襪有一條黑色吊帶腰帶印花,以兩條長長的鋸齒形線條結尾。連褲襪的前部有兩個白色蝴蝶結,使外觀更加完美。穿連褲襪搭配性感服裝和漂亮的衣服,令人無法抗拒。

Pantyhose With Suspender Belt Look And Bows

Experience the look of a suspender set and the convenience of a pantyhose with this unique pantyhose from the Be Wicked collection. This special pantyhose has a black suspender belt print that ends in two long zig-zag lines. There are two white bows at the front of the pantyhose that complete the look. Wear the pantyhose in combination with sexy costumes and beautiful clothes for an irresistible appearance.

Pantyhose With Suspender 假吊帶連褲襪 Pantyhose With Suspender 假吊帶連褲襪

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