Japanese Drip Candles 日本滴灌蠟燭3件裝 8516

Japanese Drip Candles 日本滴灌蠟燭3件裝


蠟燭可以很好地調節情緒,但對於“愉悅和痛苦”的性愛遊戲則更好。 Doc Johnson 的日本滴灌蠟燭是世界各地喜歡冒險的情侶的最愛。 他們溫暖的滴水以一種您永遠不會忘記的方式挑逗和誘人! 帶有三支裝的紅色,紫色和黑色蠟燭。


蠟燭長 15cm / 5.9英寸,寬 2cm / 0.80 英寸


– 用於極度熱蠟打蠟的彩色滴灌蠟燭
– 僅適用於有經驗的玩家
– 無毒蠟
– 美國製造


Japanese Drip Candles 3 Pack Multi-Colored


Candles are wonderful for setting the mood, but they’re even better for ‘pleasure and pain’ sex play. Our Japanese Drip candles are the favorite for adventurous couples everywhere. Their warm drip teases and tantalizes in a way you will never forget! Comes in a three-pack of Red, Purple, and Black candles.


– Colorful Drip Candles for Extreme Hot Wax Play
– For Experienced Players Only
– Non-Toxic Wax
– Proudly Made in America
– Each candle measures 15cm / 5.9 inches long by 2cm / 0.80 inch wide

Japanese Drip Candles 日本滴灌蠟燭3件裝 Japanese Drip Candles 日本滴灌蠟燭3件裝

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