Anal Syringe 肛門注射器 Peach 6204

Anal Syringe 肛門注射器 Peach


Anal Syringe 肛門注射器 Peach



1. 將上部入口連接到液體中
2. 拉動注射器底部的控制桿
3. 將注射器注滿液體後,將其註入所需的位置

可插入部分: L 110mm
包裝尺寸: H 177mm x W 132mm x D 40mm

– 建議配合潤滑液使用
– 使用時如有不適,請立即停止使用

Anal Syringe Peach


This product can be used as a syringe or anal massage masturbator, you can inject liquid while enjoying the insertion effect. Made of elastic materials, easy to use and easy to clean.

[how to use]
① Connect the upper inlet to the liquid
② Pull the lever at the bottom of the syringe
③After filling the syringe with liquid, inject it into the desired position.

Capacity: 10ml
Insertable part: L 110mm
Packing size: H 177mm x W 132mm x D 40mm

Anal Syringe 肛門注射器 Peach Anal Syringe 肛門注射器 Peach Anal Syringe 肛門注射器 Peach

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