Electric Shock Devices 電擊助勃環+尿道刺激器 0997

Electric Shock Devices 電擊助勃環+尿道刺激器



– 刺激陰莖和尿道
– 4種電擊脈衝模式
– 5段脈衝速度
– 助勃環可以調節鬆緊
– 使用2粒3A電池 (內附)
– 商品尺寸: 135 × 70 × 55mm

– 孕婦
– 癲癇病患者
– 心臟病患者
– 使用心臟起搏器或心臟監視器的人士
– 體內已植入金屬的人士


* 需同時佩戴"助勃環"和插入"尿道管",才能通電(以確保電源、助勃環、尿道管和人體成為一通電回路)。
* 本品只附送4mm尿道管,其他尺寸尿道管需另購(抱歉!暫時我們未有發售其他尺寸尿道管)


Electric Shock Cock Ring and Penis Plug


The electric shock low frequency pulse series is specially designed for you who want to pursue strong stimulation.

– stimulates penis and urethra
– 4 electric shock pulse modes
– 5-stage pulse speed
– Size of cock ring is adjustable
– uses two AAA batteries (included)
– Product size: 135 × 70 × 55mm

The following people are not suitable for use:
-Pregnant women
-Patients with epilepsy
-Patients with heart disease
-People using pacemakers or heart monitors
-People with metal implanted in the body


* You need to wear the adjustable cock ring and insert the urethral tube at the same time for electrical conduction (so as to ensure that the power supply,adjustable cock ring, urethral tube and the human body become a complete circuit).
* This product only comes with a 4mm urethral tube, other sizes of urethral tubes need to be purchased separately (sorry! We do not have other sizes of urethral tubes for sale at the moment)

Electric Shock Devices 電擊助勃環+尿道刺激器 Electric Shock Devices 電擊助勃環+尿道刺激器 Electric Shock Devices 電擊助勃環+尿道刺激器 Electric Shock Devices 電擊助勃環+尿道刺激器

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