Nexus Douche Pro 灌洗器 Pro 330ml 1124

Nexus Douche Pro 灌洗器 Pro 330ml


使用Nexus Douche Pro享受令人興奮的深層清潔。 它具有330毫升的大燈泡和彎曲的噴嘴,可舒適地適合人體,並在您沖洗時以前列腺為刺激目標。 燈泡由優質橡膠製成,噴嘴由超光滑塑料製成。 易於使用,只需一個應用程序即可徹底清潔。

Nexus Douche Pro 330ml


Enjoy a stimulating deep clean with Nexus Douche Pro. It has a large 330ml bulb and curved nozzle that fits comfortably within the body and targets the prostate for stimulation as you douche. The bulb is made from high quality rubber and the nozzle from super smooth plastic. Easy to use only one application needed for a thorough clean.

Nexus Douche Pro 灌洗器 Pro 330ml Nexus Douche Pro 灌洗器 Pro 330ml Nexus Douche Pro 灌洗器 Pro 330ml Nexus Douche Pro 灌洗器 Pro 330ml

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