Bunny Tail Plug No1 兔子尾巴後庭塞(黑白) 6330

Bunny Tail Plug No1 兔子尾巴後庭塞(黑白)


用這個可愛而蓬鬆的兔子尾巴塞子發現您內在的兔子。 從鋁製對接塞的優美曲線中體驗填充感。 插頭由錐形尖端,光滑的球莖主體和細長的頸部形成。 插入和佩戴玩具很容易。 在熱水或冰箱中加熱或冷卻,以產生額外的感覺! 現在像兔子一樣去吧!

Bunny Tail Plug No1 Black White


Discover your inner bunny with this cute and fluffy Bunny Tail Plug. Experience the filling sensation from the beautiful curves of the aluminium butt plug. The plug is formed with a tapered tip, smooth bulbous body and slender neck. Inserting and wearing your toy is easy. Heat or cool in warm water or the fridge for extra sensations! Now go at it like rabbits!

Bunny Tail Plug No1 兔子尾巴後庭塞(黑白) Bunny Tail Plug No1 兔子尾巴後庭塞(黑白)

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