Black Anchor Buttplug 黑色的錨肛門塞(大) 7238

Black Anchor Buttplug 黑色的錨肛門塞(大)


全長 11cm,最大直徑6cm。




採用光滑柔軟的矽製造,給你充實的樂趣。肛門塞設計優雅,帶有球根主體和尖尖的尖端,易於插入。 通過將其從肛門移入和移出進行試驗,以使敏感的神經末梢愉悅,達到爆炸性的高潮!


– 肛門塞
– 表層平滑
– 矽素材製造
– 材質硬中帶柔
– 男女皆宜 


– 建議配合潤滑液使用
– 使用時如有不適,請立即停止使用

Black Anchor Buttplug Large


Firm yet flexible, this plug is ideal for lovers of anal sex toys. The smooth and soft silicone makes it a real joy to wear.


The plug has an elegant design with a bulbous body and a pointy tip for easy insertion. Experiment by moving it in and out to pleasure the sensitive nerve endings for an explosive climax!


– Plug length: 11cm
– Maximum diameter: 6cm


-It is recommended to use with lubricating fluid
-If you feel uncomfortable during use, please stop using it immediately

Black Anchor Buttplug 黑色的錨肛門塞(大) Black Anchor Buttplug 黑色的錨肛門塞(大) Black Anchor Buttplug 黑色的錨肛門塞(大)

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