Uncut D 7-Inch Dildo 包皮7寸假陽具 2797

Uncut D 7-Inch Dildo 包皮7寸假陽具

全長 17.8cm,可插入長度 14.6cm,最大直徑 4.4cm。

Uncut D 假陽具設有包皮設計十分逼真,再配合逼真的脈絡以及堅韌而靈活的FIRMSKYN材料提供了可想像到的最真實的外觀和強烈的感覺。


– 仿陽具設計
– 包皮設計
– 設有暴現的血管
– 附設玉袋
– 附設吸盤

– 建議配合潤滑液使用
– 使用時如有不適,請立即停止使用

Uncut D 7-Inch Dildo with Balls Light

The Uncut D dildo has an uncut design, a lifelike feel and proportions built to satisfy. The uncircumcised shape, realistic veins, and firm-yet-flexible FIRMSKYN material offer the most authentic look and intense sensation imaginable.

A strong suction cup base that affixes to most flat surfaces allows hands-free use, completing the realistic experience.

Total Length: 7 in. (17.8 cm), Insertable Length: 5.75 in. (14.6 cm), Width/Diameter: 1.75 in. (4.4 cm), Circumference: 5.5 in. (14 cm)

Uncut D 7-Inch Dildo 包皮7寸假陽具 Uncut D 7-Inch Dildo 包皮7寸假陽具

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