Analplug Black Rose 黑玫瑰肛門塞 9959

Analplug Black Rose 黑玫瑰肛門塞

這款 Black Rose 黑玫瑰肛門塞 是初學者的理想肛門塞。肛門塞的底部裝飾有美麗的黑玫瑰。肛門塞重量輕,在使用過程中易掉落或滑落。光滑的鋁製肛門塞可能會感到冷,但是您可以用溫水將其加熱,以獲得愉悅的感覺!使用後,光滑的鋁製肛門塞易於用玩具清潔劑和溫水清洗。

Anal Plug Black Rose

The Black Rose butt plug is a perfect butt plug for beginners. The silver-colored toy is decorated with a beautiful black rose at the bottom. The plug is lightweight and will stay in place during use. The butt plug can feel cold, but you can warm it up with warm water for a pleasant sensation! The smooth metal plug is easy to clean after use with lukewarm water and toy cleaner.

Analplug Black Rose 黑玫瑰肛門塞 Analplug Black Rose 黑玫瑰肛門塞 Analplug Black Rose 黑玫瑰肛門塞 Analplug Black Rose 黑玫瑰肛門塞

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