Boners Masturbation Cream 手淫乳霜 100ml 5297

Boners Masturbation Cream 手淫乳霜 100ml






Boners Penis Masturbation Cream 100ml


This unique lubricant is specially made for masturbation and makes your solo sessions even more pleasant. The silicone-based cream feels silky smooth and lets your hands glide over your penis without any effort.


Directions for use: apply a little bit of masturbation cream to your hand and genitals. Repeat as often as you want. Cleanse your skin with a dry, clean or use a body cleaner.

Boners Masturbation Cream 手淫乳霜 100ml Boners Masturbation Cream 手淫乳霜 100ml Boners Masturbation Cream 手淫乳霜 100ml Boners Masturbation Cream 手淫乳霜 100ml

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