Joy Boxx Toy Storage 玩具專用衛生收藏箱(黑) 0050


Joy Boxx Toy Storage 玩具專用衛生收藏箱(黑)


Joy Boxx是玩具專用衛生存儲系統,專門用於在使用之前,期間和之後存儲玩具產品。




JOY BOXX 採用了兒童安全設計,可移動,安靜的滑動鎖,但其中還包括一個迷你組合鎖,以提高安全性。


– 榮獲2015年SHE最佳性健康產品獎提名
– 使用前後確保性玩具安全
– 附設 Playtray
– 將抗菌銀離子劑混入收藏箱的塑料中
– 10個隱藏的有蓋通風孔


內容:Joy Boxx和Playtray


Joy Boxx Hygienic Sex Toy Storage System Black


The Joy Boxx is a hygienic storage system specifically designed for storing pleasure products before, during and after use. Nominated as the “Best Sexual Health Product” at the SHE Awards 2015, it has space to store, wash and dry all of your toys and accessories. PVC, BPA and phthalate-free, it’s made from non-porous, food grade plastic that contains an antimicrobial silver ion agent that inhibits the growth of bacteria. 10 hidden covered ventilation holes inside to aid moisture evaporation and keep dust out. At the top you’ll find an easy access compartment for small items that need to be at arm’s length. This could include condoms, batteries and the like. Fill with non sexual items for complete discretion. Although it has been designed with a child resistant, removable, quiet sliding lock, there is also a mini combination lock included for additional security.


– With a nomination at the SHE Awards 2015 for Best Sexual Health Product
– Keep your sex toys safe before & after use
– Antimicrobial silver ion agent is mixed into the plastic
– 10 hidden covered ventilation holes


Height: 12.7cm (5 inches)
Length: 32cm (12.6 inches)
Width: 13.97cm (5.5 inches)
Contents: Joy Boxx and play tray
Does Not Come With: Sex toys, lubes, condoms
Does Not Include: Latex, phthalates, PVC, BPA
Material: ABS Plastic

Joy Boxx Toy Storage 玩具專用衛生收藏箱(黑) Joy Boxx Toy Storage 玩具專用衛生收藏箱(黑) Joy Boxx Toy Storage 玩具專用衛生收藏箱(黑) Joy Boxx Toy Storage 玩具專用衛生收藏箱(黑)

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