Triple Ripple Butt Plug 三重波紋後庭塞(大) 3803

Triple Ripple Butt Plug 三重波紋後庭塞(大)


使用三重波紋屁股塞滿足肛門冒險的需求。 這個漂亮的後庭塞厚插頭具有獨特,令人興奮的形狀,從頭的小處開始,然後逐漸加寬並逐漸變細為3個大隆起,以在插入和拔出時產生大量的感覺。 寬大的底座使其安全可靠。 與任何肛門玩具一樣,您將需要使用很多潤滑液,水性,橡膠友好配方是該玩具的最佳選擇。



Triple Ripple Large Butt Plug Black


Satisfy your need for anal adventure with the Triple Ripple butt plug. This nice thick plug has a unique, exciting shape that starts off small at the head, and then gradually widens and tapers into 3 big bumps for tons of sensation during insertion and removal. The wide base make it safe and secure, and also makes it compatible with an O ring type harness. Since this is quite a large plug, it’s better suited to advanced anal players. As with any anal toy, you’ll want to use lots of lube, a water based, rubber friendly formula is the best choice for this toy. Enjoy!.


Length: 14 cm(5.5 inches)
Insertable Length: 12.1 cm(4.75 inches)
Girth: 19.1 cm(7.5 inches) at largest point
Width: 6.4 cm(2.5 inches) at largest point

Triple Ripple Butt Plug 三重波紋後庭塞(大) Triple Ripple Butt Plug 三重波紋後庭塞(大)

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