Guy Cannon 蓋伊大砲震轉棒 GAGU-003 1934

Guy Cannon 蓋伊大砲震轉棒 GAGU-003


最大直徑 5 厘米,棒身尖端部分配備微型振動,棒身本體亦可轉動,雙重享受。旁邊震蛋部分尖端設計,震動時仿如被舌頭舔的感覺。

– 超粗的頭部
– 棒身轉動
– 可調校轉動快慢
– 附設外陰震蛋
– 可調校震動強弱
– 使 4 棵 AAA 電池
– 全長 24.5 cm,最大直徑 5cm
– 重量 345 克
– 日本製造

– 建議配合潤滑液使用
– 使用時如有不適,請立即停止使用

Guy Cannon Vibrator Gagu-003


The long-awaited super thick cannon finally appeared.
The maximum diameter is 5 cm. The tip is equipped with a micro-vibration. The body of the vibrator can also be rotated for double enjoyment. The sharp design of the vibrating egg mounted acts as licking by the tongue when vibrating.

-Extra thick head
-Rotating shaft
-Adjustable rotation speed
-Attached vibrating egg
-Adjustable vibration strength
-Use 4 AAA batteries
-Length 24.5 cm, maximum diameter 5 cm
-Weight 345 grams
-Made in Japan

-It is recommended to use lubricants
-If you feel uncomfortable during use, please stop using it immediately

Guy Cannon 蓋伊大砲震轉棒 Guy Cannon 蓋伊大砲震轉棒 Guy Cannon 蓋伊大砲震轉棒 Guy Cannon 蓋伊大砲震轉棒

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