Tenga Spinner 05 Beads 適中型連環珠 0971

Tenga Spinner 05 Beads 適中型連環珠

Tenga Spinner 05 Beads 適中型連環珠

TENGA SPINNER絢麗登場!迴旋龍捲、旋吸刺激!

05 Beads:連環珠 – 連續突起的球狀增強刺激的節奏

– 插入長約12cm
– 柔軟彈性矽膠
– 特殊設計,自動迴轉旋吸的智慧杯體
– 附專用瀝水架,清潔收納超方便
– 可以重複使用、附贈潤滑液試用包(1包)
– 日本製造
– 商品重量:130克
– 包裝尺寸:56×56×140mm

– 建議配合潤滑液使用
– 使用時如有不適,請立即停止使用

Tenga Spinner 05 Beads Onacup

The Tenga Spinner is the next generation of the Tenga onacup adult toy and a new stage in the masturbation revolution this brand has kickstarted. It has three new stimuli! Choose among the Pixel, Beads and Brick versions of this spiral motion pleasure gear. Each offers its own style of spiral masturbation but they are uniformly stylish and easy to clean.

05 Beads: Continuous protruding beads enhance the rhythm of stimulation

– Insertable length: about 12cm
– Soft elastic silicone
– Special design, a smart onacup with automatic rotation and suction
– Includes drying cup/stand
– Reusable, with a single package of lubricant (Tenga Hole Lotion Real for first use)
– Made in Japan
– Product weight:130g
– Packing size: 56x56x140mm

-It is recommended to use with lubricating fluid
-If you feel uncomfortable during use, please stop using it immediately

Tenga Spinner 05 Beads 適中型連環珠 Tenga Spinner 05 Beads 適中型連環珠 Tenga Spinner 05 Beads 適中型連環珠

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