King Cock 7 Inch Cock Tan 國王的陽具彎曲 17.8cm 6310

King Cock 7 Inch Cock Tan 國王的陽具彎曲 17.8cm


長度: 7寸 (17.8 cm),最大直徑: 1.6寸 (4.1 cm)


您想讓您的第一個假陽具看起來像您一直幻想著的堅硬嗎? 停止夢想,與國王同行! 每條靜脈,每根棒和每個頭部均經過精心手工製作,並配有精緻的細節,可為您帶來最真實的體驗。 強大的吸盤底座幾乎可以粘附在任何平面上,並使每個假陽具線束兼容。


用King Cock系列的假陽具享受可愛逼真的刺激。 假陽具具有彎曲的桿身和圓形龜頭。 底部是一個堅固的吸盤,您可以使用該吸盤將假陽具附著到任何平坦且光滑的表面上,從而獲得免提的樂趣。 多虧了吸盤,假陽具也適合與束帶一起使用。 將此玩具與水基潤滑劑一起使用,並在使用前後用玩具清潔劑和水對其進行清潔。

King Cock 7 Inch Cock Tan


Length: 7 Inch (17.8 cm) Width: 1.6 Inch (4.1 cm)


Do you want your first dildo to look and feel just like the rock-hard stud you’ve always fantasized about? Stop dreaming and get down with the King! Every vein, every shaft, and every head is carefully handcrafted with exquisite detail to give you the most realistic experience ever imagined. The powerful suction cup base sticks to nearly any flat surface and makes every dildo harness compatible.


Enjoy a lovely realistic stimulation with this dildo from the King Cock collection. The dildo has a bent shaft and a round glans. At the bottom is a strong suction cup that you can use to attach the dildo to any flat and smooth surface for handsfree pleasure. Thanks to the suction cup, the dildo is also suitable for use with a strap-on harness. Use this toy in combination with water-based lubricant and clean it before and after use with a toy cleaner and water.

King Cock 7 Inch Cock Tan 國王的陽具彎曲 17.8cm King Cock 7 Inch Cock Tan 國王的陽具彎曲 17.8cm King Cock 7 Inch Cock Tan 國王的陽具彎曲 17.8cm King Cock 7 Inch Cock Tan 國王的陽具彎曲 17.8cm King Cock 7 Inch Cock Tan 國王的陽具彎曲 17.8cm

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