Metal Butt Plug No6 Gold Clear 金屬後庭塞(大) 5678

Metal Butt Plug No6 Gold Clear 金屬後庭塞(大)


這款精美的拋光鋁肛門塞具有美麗的大晶體。 帶有錐形尖端,光滑的球根形主體和細長的頸部,可輕鬆插入和佩戴玩具。 鋁具有溫度響應性,這意味著它摸起來很冷,但很容易加熱到理想溫度。 在熱水或冰箱中加熱或冷卻,以產生額外的感覺!


這個金色的肛門塞有一個球形的尖端。 這有利於肛門塞的插入。


肛門塞由優質金屬製成。 這種金屬是100%皮膚友好且超級光滑的。 這使肛門玩具容易向內滑動。


肛門塞的總長度為9.5厘米。 插入深度為8厘米。 對接塞的最大直徑為3.8厘米。


這個肛門玩具是為男人和女人製造的。 肛交時要加一些潤滑劑,最好引入。 您可以帶個冷熱對接插頭!


Metal Butt Plug No6 Gold Clear Big 5678


This stunning polished aluminium anal plug features a beautiful large crystal. Formed with a tapered tip, smooth bulbous body and slender neck, inserting and wearing your toy is easy. The aluminium is temperature responsive, which means it’s cold to the touch, but will easily heat up to the perfect temperature. Heat or cool in warm water or the fridge for extra sensations!


This golden anal plug has a ball-shaped tip. This facilitates the insertion of the anal plug. The anal plug has an elegant clear crystal.


The anal plug is made of high quality metal. The metal is 100% skin friendly and super smooth. This allows the anal toy to slide easily inwards.


The anal plug has a total length of 9.5 centimeters. The insertion depth is 8 centimeters. The maximum diameter of the butt plug is 3.8 centimeters.


This anal toy is made for men and women. With some lubricant for anal intercourse, the buttplug is best to introduce. You can bring the butt plug both cold and warm!

Metal Butt Plug No6 Gold Clear 金屬後庭塞(大) Metal Butt Plug No6 Gold Clear 金屬後庭塞(大) Metal Butt Plug No6 Gold Clear 金屬後庭塞(大) Metal Butt Plug No6 Gold Clear 金屬後庭塞(大)

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