Honey Drops Cool Mint 蜂蜜配製溫和弱酸性薄荷潤滑液 150ml 0089

Honey Drops Cool Mint 蜂蜜配製溫和弱酸性薄荷潤滑液 150ml


– 採用食品級成分配製
– 蜂蜜配製
– 溫和弱酸性
– 水溶性
– 薄荷潤滑液
– 使用後清爽
– 簡單的處方,不使用任何不必要的東西。
– 據說蜂蜜能抑制細菌,保護皮膚健康。
– 日本製造


Honey Drops Cool Mint 150ml


The "Cool Mint" type was born with the popularity of Honey Drops.


It contains marine collagen for a smooth finish with minimal mint stimulation.


Adopts food additive grade raw material and mixes honey.


A mild acidity that is gentle on the skin. It has a mellow stretch and is refreshing after use! Cosmetics graded products.


A water based safe lotion that uses only food additives.


"Honey" is said to control bacteria and protects the skin in a healthy manner.


As a long-selling product, it has been popular with customers for a long time.


Contents: 150ml
Bottle size: H144 × W43 (mm)

Honey Drops Cool Mint 蜂蜜配製溫和弱酸性薄荷潤滑液 150ml Honey Drops Cool Mint 蜂蜜配製溫和弱酸性薄荷潤滑液 150ml Honey Drops Cool Mint 蜂蜜配製溫和弱酸性薄荷潤滑液 150ml Honey Drops Cool Mint 蜂蜜配製溫和弱酸性薄荷潤滑液 150ml

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