Mein Kondom Sensation 凸點橫紋安全套 1片散裝 0041

Mein Kondom Sensation 凸點橫紋安全套 1片散裝


Mein Kondom 公平和純素食帶來最大的刺激!避孕套表面有細小的凸點,橫紋和凹槽,使人感到難以置信的強烈。貼身輪廓形狀還確保完美契合。


所使用的天然橡膠是根據公平貿易的標准購買的。其生產者已獲得公平貿易獎金,旨在幫助改善他們的生活和工作條件。公平貿易關係的實施是MEIN KONDOM與Fair Rubber eV(合作的結果。




Mein Kondom 普通&素食主義者安全套的壁厚正常,寬度為52毫米。它們是透明的,表面濕潤-令人嘆為觀止的冒險!


寬度:52 mm
直徑:33.1 mm
長度:180 mm
壁厚:0.07-0.08 mm

Mein Kondom Sensation My Condom 1pc


MY CONDOM Sensation FAIR & VEGAN enables maximum stimulation! Fine pimples and grooves on the surface of the condoms make the feeling incredibly intense. The contoured shape also ensures a perfect fit.


The natural rubber used has been purchased according to the criteria of fair trade. Its producers have received a fair trade bonus that is intended to help improve their living and working conditions. The implementation of the fair trade relationship is the result of a collaboration between MEIN KONDOM and Fair Rubber eV ( ).


No animal products are used in the production of Made in Germany condoms. So the products are absolutely vegan.


MY CONDOM Sensation FAIR & VEGAN condoms have a normal wall thickness and a width of 52 mm. They are transparent with a moist surface – for breathtaking adventures!


Brand: My condom
Variety: sensation
Material: Fair Trade latex , vegan
Shape: Contoured
Surface: Pearl-stained , ribbed
Color: transparent
Width: 52 mm (normal)
Diameter: 33.1 mm
Length: 180 mm
Coating: moist
Wall thickness: 0.07 – 0.08 mm (normal)
Aroma: without
Country of manufacture: Made in Germany

Mein Kondom Sensation My Condom 凸點橫紋安全套 1片散裝 Mein Kondom Sensation My Condom 凸點橫紋安全套 1片散裝 Mein Kondom Sensation My Condom 凸點橫紋安全套 1片散裝 Mein Kondom Sensation My Condom 凸點橫紋安全套 1片散裝

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