Pasante Extra 極厚持久安全套 1片散裝 8412

Pasante Extra 極厚持久安全套 1片散裝


Pasante Extra避孕套比標準避孕套厚(100微米),並帶有額外的潤滑作用,以提供更安全但又感性的體驗。


潤滑是非殺蟲劑和矽基的。 這天然乳膠避孕套是奶嘴端的。


認證:British Kite Mark, CE Mark, ISO 4074


直徑 (mm): 34.4
頭寬 (mm): 54
底寬 (mm): 54
頭根寬度 (mm): 54
厚度 (mm): 0.1
長度 (mm): 180


Pasante Extra Condoms 1pc


Pasante Extra condoms are thicker (100 microns) than standard condoms and come with extra lubrication to provide a safer but still sensual experience.


The lubrication is non-spermicidal and silicon-based. These natural latex condoms are teat-ended.


Flavour: Unflavoured
Colour: Clear
Material: Latex
Tip: Teat
Certification: British Kite Mark, CE Mark, ISO 4074


Size: Regular
Diameter (mm): 34.4
Width at Head (mm): 54
Width at Base (mm): 54
Width at Base of Head (mm): 54
Thickness (mm): 0.1
Wrapper: Square
Length (mm): 180

Pasante Extra 極厚持久安全套 1片散裝 Pasante Extra 極厚持久安全套 1片散裝 Pasante Extra 極厚持久安全套 1片散裝

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